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So, I like to listen to music when I write. It gets me in the mood. You know what mood I’m talking about . . . the mood where you put your pencil behind your ear, let the tip of your tongue edge out of the tiny slit of your mouth and then bang your fingers away at those keys. I’m not speaking double entendre here, you duurty person, you! (disclaimer: a dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste). I digress my peeps.

Most writers like to listen to music when they write because it puts them in a writing frame of mind. Music can set the pace of certain scenes. It can relax you and keep you from having writer’s block. It can . . . Music is just an excellent tool to use when writing. Therefore, I want to share my playlist with you.

You may like some of the songs. You may not. Sorry, if ya don’t like them WE all have different tastes. You’ll definitely get a feel for how my mind works and probably figure out that I have an eclectic taste in music.

My first playlist that I am sharing with you is what I used to write my first novel Prince Xander & the Sector of Damnation: Battle of Kilz, Book 1. Try to enjoy the music, and hopefully, you’ll enjoy my novel as well!


There are few songs missing from the playlist that I need to convert before I can add it to the playlist. The songs are:

I Never Thought I’d See The Day by Sade

Bonfire by Knifeparty

Can’t Do It Without You by Cassie

Busy Earnin’ by Jungle

I’m With Stupid by Static-X

If you want to hear them, you can find them on Youtube.


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