I picked some random videos that have absolutely everything to do with how one should go about creating a memorable character (I didn’t say likeable character. I said memorable character). These videos don’t give you writing tips, but they show how if YOU write a decent, (not morally decent per se)fleshed out character, he or she will be remembered for years to come.

The videos are not in a particular order. You can view them in any order that you want.

Remember that there are some random nonsensical videos in this playlist, but maybe you are looking to create a crazy, introverted character who likes to lick lollipops all day while watching cats sleep. I dunno. You may get some ideas from these videos.

Happy writing. Happy reading. And, happy watching!

Mojo.com’s video on the 10 Best Anti-Heroes


Book Nerds’ video about when your favorite character dies in a novel (this is also true for tv shows). Who doesn’t know that feeling of anger and sadness. Now I am being reminded of *spolier alert* J** S***


Trollkins intro song

Oh, shit! It’s the Trollkins. I loved these damn creatures when I was like 8 years old. Cartoon Network needs to put this on DVD right now! You’ve probably never even heard of the Trollkins. They were cool. Really, they were.

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