Blog Entry #2 – Rejects, don’t worry!

So, you have finished writing your novel, and you’re ready to send it out to publishers. You’ve printed out your manuscript, stuffed it in an envelope or written an email and sent that sucker out! One of two things happened: After you dropped your manuscript in the mail/email, you screamed, “My book is garbage. They won’t like it!” or you got a nasty rejection letter saying, “At this time your manuscript isn’t what we’re looking for. Nor do we think that any other publisher will want it!” Translation of rejection letter/critique equals, YOUR BOOK IS GARBAGE!

Have I now captured your attention? The title of my blog isn’t a ploy to get you to view a list of books by authors who have written books that I think are garbage. That would have been a good premise for this blog, but that’s not what my blog is about. Your Book is Garbage is about banding together all of the “rejects” that have written books only to become dejected for the following reasons:

• self-doubt

• shitty rejection letters from publishers

• negative critique/review

• poor self-promotion skills

First, I want to say to all of the “rejects” that you should not worry about that rejection letter, critique and/or review. Fuck’em. Those publishers didn’t know talent when they saw it. The same goes for the reviewers/critiques. Well, that feel good statement doesn’t apply to all of you. ‘Cause some of y’all need some help writing a better manuscript/novel/book (what you want to call it is up to you).

Sad to say, “Your book is garbage.”

However, just because someone didn’t think that your book was worthy of being published, be it a great story or a sub par story, I want you to hold your head up. Why? Because you completed your book (I’ll go with that term). Be proud of your work! You’ve spent hours, days, months, and possibly years on your book. Most don’t even stay married as long as it took you to write your book! You like that one right there, don’t you?

All right let me get on with it. I’m not a guru on novel – oops, I mean book – I’m not a guru on book writing, but I have completed writing a book. Perhaps I can give you as well as myself a pointer or two on how to stay positive concerning writing and what we can do to not have any more people say, “Your book is garbage.” Now I haven’t been told that my first book is garbage (Self, remember to amend this statement), but I anticipate negative reviews. Hell, no one is immune to negative reviews.

Okay. Are you ready?

Pointer #1: Don’t get dissuaded by rejection letters and/or negative reviews. It happens. Rejection is a part of life. I don’t like it. No one likes it. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why I am self-publishing. I’ll get to that in a later blog. I, too, am going to send out my manuscript to beta readers and critique partners and await their feedback hoping to get back only glowing reviews (yeah right!).

I also plan on sending out the physical copy of my manuscript to publishers. I want to experience the torture (I’m a masochist; I’m pretty sure of it) of printing a 178,000 page manuscript and mailing it off only to wait several agonizing weeks for an answer from a potential publisher (I’d like to get a print deal. I’ll handle the other stuff).

But back to pointer #1. I challenge you, my fellow “rejects,” to keep writing, keep sending out your manuscripts and give a fat or dainty middle finger to the rejection letters and/or critiques. It’s someone’s job to find flaws in your work, and it’s your job to take the criticism and make it work to your advantage. If you let those letters and comments get you down, readers will never get the opportunity to read your book. Isn’t that what you want? You want people to read your book. Therefore, do your job and keep writing and sending your soon-to-be bestseller out to publishers, critique partners and beta readers. What do you really have to lose?

There ya have it in a nutshell. I hope that my words have inspired you or at least motivated you. ‘Cause I want you to know that you inspire me. To know that there are fellow writers out there just like me struggling to get their work read keeps me focused. I’m not alone and neither are you.

Sorry for not introducing myself properly. I’m Terrica M. Duncan the author of the Prince Xander & the Sector of Damnation series.

My e-book release date is scheduled for 8/01/2015. Nice meeting everyone. Talk to you soon.

Next blog topic is: Blog #3 – Don’t write like you talk (that’s dialogue’s job).

That tip (don’t write like you talk) doesn’t apply to this blog. The style of this blog is conversational.

Let’s have more conversations. Shall we?!

Update: I got my first beta reader critique back and . . . their conclusion was that my book was garbage! WTF! NO! NO! Noooooo! I guess I don’t know how to write a good manuscript. Damn, I’m a reject. I suppose I talked my first negative review into existence. Oh, well! Hey, I was bummed when I read the critique. Shit, I was scratching my head and was like, “Huh?” But, the beta reader had his opinion, and I may not have agreed with all of it, but I’m thankful that the reader took the time to read my gargantuan manuscript. I guess (my eyes darting from side to side while I hold a Gerber knife in my hand. HeeHeeHee!) I won’t give the beta reader a dainty middle finger  🙁 (plus, I don’t have dainty fingers. I’ve got man hands like Lana from Archer). However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t give your reviewers one! (pssst…I really am gonna give him the finger. shhhh…that’s our secret. some secret, right?) Hey, I told y’all that you’re not alone. 😉